Hygetropin RhGH main application areas


Hygetropin RhGH main application areas

Teenage short stature:
For children with endogenous growth hormone deficiency, chronic renal failure and Turner’s syndrome, children grow slowly.

Human growth hormone can restore testosterone to normal levels and promote sperm and egg production. For the treatment of male ED and male and female infertility and other reproductive diseases.

Surgical postoperative, severe burns:
Human growth hormone is conducive to increase the body protein synthesis, improve the body immunity. In the postoperative to promote wound growth and repair, to speed up the recovery of postoperative fatigue, so that nutrients are fully utilized.

Improve the body immunity, improve negative nitrogen balance, shorten the hospital stay.

Heart failure:
Human growth hormone can increase the patient’s left ventricular wall thickness, strengthen the ability of heart contraction and pump bleeding, reduce the heart of the oxygen demand, enhance the patient’s ability to move.

Liver disease:
Human growth hormone can correct the liver disease patients with hypoproteinemia, regulate immunity, promote liver cell growth and metabolism; improve the symptoms of patients with chronic severe liver, prolong survival time.

Nutritional support is given to the vicious consumption of HIV / AIDS.

Anti-Aging :
Human growth hormone can delay the accumulation of fat caused by aging, decreased muscle strength, decreased exercise capacity, elevated blood lipids, decreased sexual dysfunction and bone mineral density and other symptoms.

Promote the skin cells of the new and split, to speed up the healing of the wound, while the kidneys and promote the reabsorption of sodium and water, so that subcutaneous tissue increased, and ultimately make the skin more smooth and more flexible.

HGH can increase muscle lean volume, promote cell DNA and RNA synthesis, promote extracellular protein absorption, and can increase the storage of sugar and nitrogen.

Enhanced memory:
HGH can promote the production of acetylcholine in brain cells, promote brain blood vessels in the new; the same time, HGH can stimulate the brain cell division and growth, repair and regeneration, which helps to enhance memory. HGH on the role of the brain is also reflected in the promotion of the spirit, to help stabilize the mood, so that mood improved, and then help sleep.

Improve immunity:
HGH can restore the thymus to the young level and improve the immune system in many ways.

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